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Mediplastic surgery package

We put at your disposal the types of intervention we carry out according to the area of ​​practice.

Breast Surgery

The plastic surgeon has the task of correcting the aesthetics of the breast, satisfying the wishes of the patient but...

Body Surgery

Reforming the body, making it more harmonious, elegant, young and proportionate, these are the goals of modern aesthetic surgery, which...

Facial Surgery

Lines of expression, facial tissue relaxation, nose defects, tired eyes are just some of the imperfections that facial cosmetic surgery...

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine allows you to correct and mitigate the imperfections of the face and body and, in more general terms,...

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Our Specialists

Meet our team of professionals who carry out the treatments and surgical procedures

Dr. Carlos Marengo

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Nayarit Reyes Díaz


The importance of skin care

Of all the organs of the body, the skin is the most versatile of all.

It is the only organ that is directly and constantly open to the outside. The skin protects from external agents, from heat and cold, from air and elements, from bacteria, it is impermeable, it repairs and lubricates itself, it even removes some waste from the body.

Prevention and proper care are the best way to keep the skin healthy and radiant for much longer, but before starting skin care we have to take into account what type of skin we have, since the application of inappropriate products could be counterproductive.

We advise you to perform constant cleanings and face, skin and other important treatments that will help you stay beautiful and healthy.

Other Services

We have the following treatments to keep the body and skin healthy

Facial Treatment

Facial treatments are indicated to treat the elimination or attenuation of wrinkles and furrows in the face, the well-known crow's...

Body Treatment

Body treatments are a way to take care of your body without surgery. Generally, this option is chosen to improve...

Nutrition Consulting

Nutritional advice adapted to your needs and personalized feeding plans for different pathologies such as hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes,...

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (DLM)

Manual lymphatic drainage is a mesotherapy technique that is encompassed in the field of physiotherapy and aesthetics, one as a...

We offer various surgery packages with manual lymphatic drainage + ultrasound and patient follow-up.

For clients or patients outside of Ecuador

We offer packages including postoperative surgery, board and lodging, night nurse, nutritionists, and all the care you may need, such as waiting at the airport and returning to the same.

Mediplastic Cirugías performs all types of surgeries, postoperative and aesthetic treatment of face and body.

Mediplastic Cirugías uses state-of-the-art professional equipment that meets the highest quality standards used around the world.

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